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Art & Soul Movie Night

Movie Night – To Spring from the Hand

Art & Soul is hosting a series of movie nights. Our intention is to present quality films of artistic, cultural and spiritual interest. Please join us and bring a friend. Admission is free and snacks are welcome.

On September 13, we will watch To Spring From the Hand. This film examines the life and philosophy of an acclaimed artist who, for the last 40 years, has chosen not to sell his work.Paulus Berensohn was born to Jewish émigré parents on Manhattan Island and, despite family opposition, became a dancer who studied with greats Merce Cunningham and Martha Graham and appeared in major Broadway productions.

He now lives in Penland, North Carolina, where he has spent years teaching at the acclaimed Penland School of Crafts.
Date & Time:
September 13, 7 pm.


Third Annual Fall Festival of St. Francis

Mark your calendars for a Free Fall Festival!  Everyone is invited to the Third Annual 12 South Festival of St. Francis in Sevier Park on Saturday, September 27, 3-6 P.M.  Bring your pets for the traditional blessing of the animals–your pet will receive a colorful certificate worthy of refrigerator posting.  Free food, free local apples, free balloons for the children!  The Festival includes 5 jump houses, pumpkin painting, face painting, relay races & fun for the whole family.  This event is free to everyone. Sponsored by Church of the Redeemer,
If you have questions, send me an email at  Hope to see at the Festival!  Barbara Weigle

12SNA Welcomes Midtown Hills Precinct



Mayor, Metro Police Open New Midtown Hills Precinct


Midtown Hills is Second Precinct Expansion for Mayor

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Mayor Karl Dean today joined Police Chief Steve Anderson, members of the Metro Police Department and community leaders in celebrating the grand opening of the new Midtown Hills Precinct, Nashville’s eighth full-service police facility.  Midtown Hills marks the second major expansion of police department operations during Mayor Dean’s administration and follows the creation of the Madison Precinct in January 2012.

“This new precinct means our police officers have less area to cover and more time to spend in the community, working with neighbors and business owners,” Mayor Dean said. “The area covered by this precinct includes three of our city’s major universities, Belmont, Lipscomb and Vanderbilt, which are an essential part of our city’s economic success. Beyond the clear public safety benefits, this new police precinct has also enhanced this neighborhood – and new development is starting to follow.”

Located at 1443 12th Avenue South, the Midtown Hills Precinct is home to 125 police personnel.  They serve a 47.2 square mile area, carved from the South and West Precincts, which includes the communities of Edgehill, Green Hills, Forest Hills, Oak Hill and Crieve Hall, as well as Vanderbilt, Belmont and Lipscomb Universities.  As part of the realignment of precincts, the area covered by the Hermitage Precinct decreased, as well.

“The opening of the Midtown Hills Precinct greatly extends our outreach to Nashville’s families and businesses,” Chief Anderson said.  “Partnerships formed at the grassroots level by police officers throughout the city are absolutely vital to our continuing public safety success.  Midtown Hills will be a catalyst for even stronger collaboration as we work together with citizens to reduce crime and enhance quality of life in the diverse communities covered by this precinct.”

Midtown Hills is commanded by Kay Lokey, a 17-year police department veteran who formerly headed the Domestic Violence Division.  The new precinct includes patrol officers, flex officers, detectives and an undercover team to address street level drug complaints.  The precinct itself is 23,000 square feet in size and represents a $9.7 million dollar investment in the continued safety of Nashville.  The building also contains a 2,000-square foot-community room to host neighborhood meetings and celebrations.

Mayor Dean included funding in the current fiscal year’s budget for an additional 58 police officer positions required to staff the Midtown Hills Precinct.  Those 58 positions bring the police department’s authorized sworn strength to 1,431 officers, the highest number in the city’s history.

State-of-the-art police facilities to assist officers in their work have also been a priority for Mayor Dean.  In addition to creating the new Midtown Hills Precinct and Madison Precinct, Mayor Dean opened the city’s first ever full-service DNA Crime Laboratory. Additionally, Mayor Dean opened new facilities with expanded quarters for the Central and West Precincts.

Thomas, Miller & Partners was the architect for the Midtown Hills Police Precinct. Messer Construction Co. was the construction manager and general contractor. Messer has been involved in the construction of public buildings for the past 80 years. Messer’s recent Metro work includes the Bellevue Library, several Nashville Fire Department stations, the Howard Office Building, Madison Police Precinct and West Police Precinct.

Photo caption: 12SNA President Paula Foster and Commander Kay Lokey

Edgehill Neighborhood Partners

The 12South NA has formed a partnership to support the work of Edgehill Neighborhood Partners (ENP), a non-profit that serves the Edgehill neighborhood in conjunction with Edgehill United Methodist Church. In their own words, “Edgehill Neighborhood Partners (ENP) strengthens our community by collaborating with others to meet longstanding and emerging needs in the Edgehill neighborhood.” 


ENP runs The Spot (1414 Edgehill Ave), an afterschool program for 7th-12th grade girls in the Edgehill neighborhood and also runs the Free Store (1502 Edgehill Avenue, near Villa Place).


You can learn more about ENP, the Free Store, and The Spot, on their website,


Contextual Overlay

An update from Councilmember Burkley Allen on the recent Metro Council bills affecting neighborhood development:
Bill 2014-771, the Contextual Overlay bill passed on third reading on August 19, thanks in large part to strong support from neighbors. 
Its companion, Bill 2014-770, the Duplex bill was deferred for one meeting to allow for another community meeting to discuss the proposed amendment. This bill similarly guides development in infill areas.  It would change the definition of duplex to include two living units connected by 80% of their common wall or two separate structures separated by at least 6 feet.  It would do away with the 8 foot connector requirement that has resulted in the “umbilical cord” or bridge between houses.  It would also limit the height of each separate structure to 1 ½ times the width, which will reduce the possibility for the very tall skinny duplexes that have been built recently.  The bill also has requirements for garages and front driveways that will be under discussion in the next week or two. 
If you feel that this bill would be beneficial for Nashville, another letter of support around September 3 would be helpful.

 ​ ​

The address to email Metro Council members is: ​


Recent updates from Metro Police Department


Thefts by door to door persons doing yard work, etc – It was just discussed in comstat by our Fraud Division that there is a pattern of persons going door to door, doing work, being paid by check, and using a decoy to steal a second check during the process which they then write to themselves.  Be wary of using checks, of having people in your house, of being distracted and of letting people you don’t know well do work for you.


Thefts at Parks and related outdoor locations are on the rise as more people utilize them in the nice weather.  Please, please secure your belongings before you arrive.  Please do not leave purses  or other valuables in the car.   Secure your belongings before you arrive at your destination.  One report from yesterday lists several hundred dollars in loss, missing identifications, credit cards, and more – it will take the owner of the purse several days and a lot of leg work to recover from a purse on a front seat.  This occurs in all areas, at all times of day and night.


Charlie Phillips – the suspect who was mentioned recently as being wanted in relation to trailer thefts has been arrested.  Thank you for your watchfulness.


Juveniles, summertime:  A reminder to be aware of where your child is and what they are doing throughout the summer.  They often don’t realize the dangers that exist, nor the opportunities for crimes.  Discuss things with them like leaving their ipads, phones, purses, etc around while they are enjoying the summer.


Parks:  There have been arrests in the parks related to drugs recently, which began with tips from citizens.  Keep using the 244-dope number, and do not hesitate to call 862-8600 for anything in progress.  This helps keep our parks safe for everyone.


Pools:  Those of you who have pools in your complexes, remind everyone to report vandalism and trespass early, before the problem becomes bigger.  We won’t know it occurs if you do not report it.


Solicitors:   This continues where they do not have permits.  They must have a permit displayed for the particular person and business unless they are a non-profit.  Call 862-8600 and we will check on them.  Also, know that it takes up to 30 days for the clerk’s office to update their “do not solicit” locations.


Attached is another copy of the Links document that may be useful for checking on various issues.


Thank you all!


Have a wonderful day!


Sgt. Twana Chick

West Precinct Community Affairs Coordinator

5500 Charlotte Pk

Nashville, TN  37209


615/880-1876 direct line

615/862-7747 West Precinct main line

615/862-8600 non-emergency police dispatch

(Email is preferred for all appointments)