Recent updates from Metro Police Department


Thefts by door to door persons doing yard work, etc – It was just discussed in comstat by our Fraud Division that there is a pattern of persons going door to door, doing work, being paid by check, and using a decoy to steal a second check during the process which they then write to themselves.  Be wary of using checks, of having people in your house, of being distracted and of letting people you don’t know well do work for you.


Thefts at Parks and related outdoor locations are on the rise as more people utilize them in the nice weather.  Please, please secure your belongings before you arrive.  Please do not leave purses  or other valuables in the car.   Secure your belongings before you arrive at your destination.  One report from yesterday lists several hundred dollars in loss, missing identifications, credit cards, and more – it will take the owner of the purse several days and a lot of leg work to recover from a purse on a front seat.  This occurs in all areas, at all times of day and night.


Charlie Phillips – the suspect who was mentioned recently as being wanted in relation to trailer thefts has been arrested.  Thank you for your watchfulness.


Juveniles, summertime:  A reminder to be aware of where your child is and what they are doing throughout the summer.  They often don’t realize the dangers that exist, nor the opportunities for crimes.  Discuss things with them like leaving their ipads, phones, purses, etc around while they are enjoying the summer.


Parks:  There have been arrests in the parks related to drugs recently, which began with tips from citizens.  Keep using the 244-dope number, and do not hesitate to call 862-8600 for anything in progress.  This helps keep our parks safe for everyone.


Pools:  Those of you who have pools in your complexes, remind everyone to report vandalism and trespass early, before the problem becomes bigger.  We won’t know it occurs if you do not report it.


Solicitors:   This continues where they do not have permits.  They must have a permit displayed for the particular person and business unless they are a non-profit.  Call 862-8600 and we will check on them.  Also, know that it takes up to 30 days for the clerk’s office to update their “do not solicit” locations.


Attached is another copy of the Links document that may be useful for checking on various issues.


Thank you all!


Have a wonderful day!


Sgt. Twana Chick

West Precinct Community Affairs Coordinator

5500 Charlotte Pk

Nashville, TN  37209


615/880-1876 direct line

615/862-7747 West Precinct main line

615/862-8600 non-emergency police dispatch

(Email is preferred for all appointments)

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