12 South Neighborhood Association Secures First-of-its-Kind $100,000 Beautification Grant From Turnbridge Equities 

The 12 South Neighborhood Association is excited to announce that Turnbridge Equities, an investment and development firm that brings a dynamic approach to the traditional real estate model, has pledged to donate $100,000 to the Association to be used for future beautification and natural preservation needs throughout the 12 South area. During the coming months, the Association will collect feedback from neighbors about potential ways to use the money in the community.

In 2021, Turnbridge purchased the property at 2214 12th Avenue South and announced its plans to develop it into a mixed-use development bringing a diverse mix of retail, dining, and Class-A office space to the 12th Avenue South corridor. As part of the redevelopment, 23 trees were slated for removal. In the hopes of finding a way to offset this loss, the Association under the direction of Carol Ashworth, landscape architect with the Nashville Tree Conservation Corps (NTCC) and member of the 12 South Neighborhood Association board, conducted a tree survey to quantify their monetary value based on environmental benefits. Together with the NTCC arborist’s tree replacement value assessment, it was determined that $280,000 worth of trees would be removed from the property.

The Association then brought that assessment to Turnbridge, and it agreed to make a donation to the Association based on the difference between what would be lost and what it would be replanting as a part of its landscape budget for Ashwood. In March, Turnbridge formally agreed to donate $100,000 to the Association by the end of 2024 after the project has been completed. 

“We’re thrilled that Turnbridge offered to work with us to preserve and update the tree canopy in the 12 South neighborhood,” Ashworth said. “This is a first! To our knowledge, this is the largest ever donation of its kind from a developer in Nashville. Knowing they were under no legal obligation to do so; this is a remarkable and generous contribution, and our hope is that it will inspire other developers to consider the impact of their projects on the community and follow their lead.”

“Our number one priority when entering a new market is to develop, not displace, and that goes for everything—even trees and the surrounding natural environment,” said Andrew Joblon, Founder and Managing Principal of Turnbridge Equities. “We are partnering with Nashville-based landscape architecture firm HDLA to ensure Ashwood will feature foliage that blends seamlessly into the existing landscape on 12th Avenue South while conceptualizing ways to enhance the block with thoughtfully placed gathering spaces surrounded by vegetation that encourages visitors to explore and engage with this vibrant neighborhood.”

Later this year, the Association plans to solicit feedback from neighbors on how to use the money in the community. With such a large donation, the Association’s board is extremely interested in hearing from our neighbors on ideas for spending this money. We plan on devoting several monthly neighborhood meetings to hear from neighbors and actively debate ideas.  More details will be announced in the Association’s newsletter and website. Residents can sign up to learn more at www.12south.org

About the 12 South Neighborhood Association

The 12 South Neighborhood Association is a non-profit with a mission to promote the common welfare of all residents 12 South by promoting community, friendship, beautification, public safety, environmental conservation, historic preservation, appropriate development, zoning and codes compliance, and cooperation with business, charitable, religious, and governmental institutions. Learn more at www.12south.org or contact us at info@12south.org

About Turnbridge Equities

Founded in 2015 by Andrew Joblon, Turnbridge Equities is a vertically integrated real estate investment and development firm that brings a tenacious passion and fresh approach to the traditional real estate model. The firm pursues uniquely diversified investment strategies and a highly selective market entry process, leveraging more than 150 years of combined industry experience. With a firm commitment to environmental and social stewardship, Turnbridge Equities offers an unrivaled competitive advantage that creates long-term value for investors, occupants, and end users. Disclaimer: This does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to purchase any interests in any Turnbridge projects.