Contextual Overlay

An update from Councilmember Burkley Allen on the recent Metro Council bills affecting neighborhood development:
Bill 2014-771, the Contextual Overlay bill passed on third reading on August 19, thanks in large part to strong support from neighbors. 
Its companion, Bill 2014-770, the Duplex bill was deferred for one meeting to allow for another community meeting to discuss the proposed amendment. This bill similarly guides development in infill areas.  It would change the definition of duplex to include two living units connected by 80% of their common wall or two separate structures separated by at least 6 feet.  It would do away with the 8 foot connector requirement that has resulted in the “umbilical cord” or bridge between houses.  It would also limit the height of each separate structure to 1 ½ times the width, which will reduce the possibility for the very tall skinny duplexes that have been built recently.  The bill also has requirements for garages and front driveways that will be under discussion in the next week or two. 
If you feel that this bill would be beneficial for Nashville, another letter of support around September 3 would be helpful.

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