12SNA Board Election Results

Elections were held this week to fill 6 empty board seats for the 2015-2017 term. Board member Daina Storey is the only current board member who will continue to serve.
67 ballots were cast–slightly over half of the 110 members of the association were represented by those votes.

New board members for 2015-2017 are:
Kerry Conley
Chris Cotton
Nathan Hubbard
Chris Koch
Lee Moneta-Koehler
Donald Thompson
Daina Storey is the 7th board member; her term continues until October of 2016.
Congratulations to the new 12SNA Board. They will take up their duties November 1 and will elect officers at the November 10th 12SNA meeting. Bylaws stipulate that officers are elected within the board.
Bonnie Dow
12SNA Board Secretary