Nominee Slate November 2017

The annual election for positions on the 12 South Neighborhood Association board of directors will be held at the Sevier Park Community Center on Monday, November 6th at 6:30pm during our regular members meeting. There will be a brief candidate introduction prior to the vote. To vote, you must be a member in good standing. Those wishing to check their membership status may do so at the meeting, and anyone who needs to join or renew may do so before voting. There are no dues, but a suggested donation of $10 to the neighborhood association would be accepted. You may pay with cash, check, or credit card.

We have 5 neighbors running for 5 open positions, the candidates and their bios are below.

Chris Cotton (current board member)

Chris has lived in 12 South (2209 Elliot Ave) for the last 12 years and is an accomplished lawyer, community advocate, and is an excellent member and supporter of the 12 South community, and Nashville at large. He would make a great board member not only for his expertise and resources within the community, but also his heart for the neighborhood and his desire to unify the neighborhood and to see it grow responsibly. Chris takes the time to talk to his neighbors to find out what they need and advocate on their behalf and would be a great asset to have on the board for many reasons.

Donald Thompson (current board member)

I moved to Nashville in the 90s and was originally introduced to 12 South in 2004 when I started dating Caroline Duley who bought a house on Knox Ave in 2003. Officially moving to the neighborhood in 2010, we both sold our properties in 2015 and now live in our renovated 30s bungalow we purchased at 900 Waldkirch. The neighborhood has changed a lot since 2004 and as a board member I would work to develop more inclusiveness in our organization and maintain the authenticity of our beautiful neighborhood.

Jonathan Gensler

I am a relatively new resident of the neighborhood and of Nashville, like many of us. My wife and our two children moved here in January, and have spent most of the past 10 months getting settled in to our new city and neighborhood. We are very glad we decided to land in 12 South. We are a dual entrepreneur family, with my wife’s young business, Loom Decor, having been founded here in Nashville about 6 years ago, and my own venture in energy efficiency services, Revive Energy, just now getting off of its feet. As a former officer in the US Army, I have always been drawn to public service, and can’t imagine living my life without being significantly involved with our local community. The issues I care most about are sustainable development, building community amongst different groups of people, ands creating safe neighborhoods for children to grow and thrive. I believe I have the requisite skills and experience to jump in and have an immediate impact on the future of this community, having worked at the crossroads of the public and private sectors for most of the decade since I left the Army, and studying leadership for both sectors in graduate school. You can check out my full bio and experience at my LinkedIn page here:

Kerry Conley (current board member)

I bought my home over a decade ago due to the diversity, sidewalks, historic charm and location. Chair for the NCZO working with 28 block captains, neighbors, Metro Historic Commission & Council. Gathered 80plus neighbors at meetings. I am supportive of development if it is to scale with the neighborhood. Also the long term/direct impact it will have on the residents, businesses & infrastructure. Experience in volunteer management, fundraising, community outreach, communications major. Spent past 14 years working in Education marketing and fundraising in both corporate and non profit. Priority is to make sure ALL residents & businesses are informed, involved and have a voice.

Nathan Hubbard (current board member)

Nathan is a native of Tennessee, ex-resident of California and has lived with us in 12 South since 2010. He works as a Engineer for Twitter and is a 20 year Internet technology veteran. A leader in Nashville’s local Internet tech scene, Nathan can be found organizing community events and inspiring others with his passion for computing. His hobbies include photography, restoring his historic home, woodworking, and taking pictures of lightning. He is a passionate supporter of the neighborhood, its character, and history. Nathan lives in on Waldkirch Ave with his wife Tracy and their two young children.