2016 Board Nominees

An election for 3 positions on the 12 South Neighborhood Association Board of Directors will take place at our regular monthly meeting on Monday, October 3rd at 6:30pm at the Sevier Park Community Center.

Anyone who lives in the neighborhood is eligible to vote in the election. You must be present at the meeting to vote. Please bring something with you to prove you live in the neighborhood – a driver’s license with your correct address, a bill with your name and address on it, etc.

Three neighbors have been nominated for the 3 open positions. They’ve provided the following short paragraphs about who they are and why they want to serve on the board:

David Hooper

I’ve been in the neighborhood since 2007. I want to serve on the board to make sure the voices of residents are heard regarding issues that affect not only our financial investment in this neighborhood, but also our qualify of life, including rapid growth, increased traffic, and commercial development.

Mike Jobe

A little bit about me, I’ve lived in the area since 2007 (when Park at Melrose town homes were first built) then my wife and I moved to Bate Ave in October of 2012. In September of 2013, our house was broken into at 11pm by 3 intruders with my wife and I asleep upstairs. Long story short, I was able to get them out of house but was very shaken by the event. Since then we started a neighborhood watch, and with help from others in the community. We had a meeting at our house to act as a neighbor “meet and greet”, and had a police officer come by and give safe home tips and what a neighborhood watch involves. We have coordinated other events since then to keep us all close on “what is going on”. My wife and I care a lot about the 12th south community and have grown close to it. Neither of us are from here originally, I’m from Ohio and she is from Pennsylvania, but we now call Nashville “home”.

 Daina Storey

 I have lived in the neighborhood for over 10 years and am an active member of the 12 South community. I have served on the board since spring of 2015 and would be honored to be considered for re-election. There is a lot that goes on in our neighborhood and I enjoy informing neighbors of what is going on, as well as how to navigate issues we are all passionate about in a constructive and respectful manner. I was part of a group of neighbors who helped advocate against the large Bristol project for a more responsible building project. I have previously worked in non-profit, music, and event management. I currently work in a support role in real estate, as well as at local radio station, Lightning 100. I am pursuing a masters degree in International Community Development and hope to work in community development and non profit again someday. I understand that change is going to happen, but I think it should happen in partnership with the neighbors inout. I have enjoyed serving on the board and would love the opportunity to continue to do so.