Home Tour

Coming Spring 2020 !

Since 2003, the 12 South Home Tour has been celebrating what it means to live in 12 South! The homes selected to be on the tour embody who we are as a community: New, Old, Historic, Modern, Eccentric, and Traditional. The variety is what makes the tour so interesting, but meeting its owners is always the biggest takeaway!

The annual Home Tour is the 12 South Neighborhood Association’s biggest annual fundraiser. Money raised from the event will go toward many neighborhood efforts and programs. As examples, the 2017 & 2018 funds added trees in the verge on 10th Ave South, 2015 funds replaced the destroyed neighborhood sign, and 2016-2019 funds fulfilled many necessary items for the teaching staff at Waverly Belmont Elementary School.

The Home Tour is more than just an opportunity to showcase our neighborhood. The fun-filled weekend also serves as an opportunity for neighbors to catch up with old friends and meet new neighbors. If you have interest in having your home on the tour this year (or at any point), nominating a home to be on the tour, want to volunteer, would like to become a sponsor, or simply have questions, reach out to us at hometour@12south.org.