Block Captains

The Neighborhood Association is implementing a “block captain” program to foster communication and safety in 12 South! Below is the letter sent to association members about the program. If you’re looking for the signup form, you can find it here.

Dear Neighbors,

As you know, our neighborhood is experiencing unprecedented growth and change right now. Some of it is really exciting and some of it presents some challenges. One of those challenges is how to keep the neighbors well connected with each other. In response to this, the 12 South Board is putting together a Block Captain program for the 12 South Neighborhood.

The main goal of the program is to keep us all connected to each other. Not everyone communicates via social media or email, so an actual program that keeps residents of blocks in actual communication with each other seems like the best way to insure that everyone in the neighborhood is included and aware of all that is going on. Also, this will be a crucial part of a neighborhood watch program. Each block, can be its own neighborhood watch if you will, but be connected to all other blocks through the block captain program.

To do this, we need folks to volunteer to be block captains. Block captains will be in charge of distributing information to your neighbors on your block. This may include a monthly newsletter, neighborhood happenings, neighborhood meetings, crime and neighborhood watch updates and just generally be a way to make sure everyone on your block is ok. The 12 South Board will help stream this info to block captains. We will also provide resources from groups like Metro PD, the Metro Fire Department, Red Cross, etc.

This program will only be successful with your help. There’s no prerequisite to being a block captain, just a willingness to be the connecting point for your neighbors.

The 12 South Board will offer training through a kick-off meeting for the program. We will announce a date as soon as we get enough responses.

The best way we can face the challenges and benefits of living in such a vibrant and growing neighborhood is to do it TOGETHER. Please consider being a block captain and help us be a part of the solution to facing these challenges.

To sign up please follow this link:

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Thanks for making this neighborhood the best place to live in Nashville!

– The 12 South NA Board of Directors