What is the 12 South Neighborhood Association?
The 12 South Neighborhood Association is a Tennessee non-profit membership corporation governed by a board of directors. The Association’s mission is to promote the common welfare of all residents of the area commonly known as the 12 South Neighborhood (generally, areas adjacent to 12th Avenue South between Wedgewood Avenue and Gale Lane) by promoting community, friendship, beautification, public safety, environmental conservation, historic preservation, appropriate development, zoning and codes compliance, and cooperation with business, charitable, religious, and governmental institutions. The Association has 501 (c)(3) tax status.
Do I have to become a member of the Association to participate in its activities?
No. The Association’s monthly neighborhood meetings and other activities are open to everyone in the 12 South Neighborhood, regardless of membership in the Association. If you want to participate, the Association wants you! Membership is only required to participate in annual elections of the board of directors.
Why should I become a member of the Association?
Becoming a member of the Association means you have a role in determining its leadership and its mission by electing or being elected to its board of directors or one of its principal offices.
I want to become a member of the Association. What do I do?
Come to a meeting in-person and sign up! Note: You must reside in 12 South to become a member; a street address is required to verify you live within the bounds of the Neighborhood.
When does the Association meet?
We meet the first Monday of each month, at 6:30. Location is typically the Sevier Park Community Center but may be subject to change for special events. Sign up for our mailing list for more information.
I want to join the Association’s e-mail list. What do I do?
Sign up for our list here: http://eepurl.com/dulTPT
I want to donate to the Association. What do I do?
You may donate in person with cash or check at one of our monthly meetings.
Where can I find the association’s bylaws?
Bylaws can be found here.
I have questions not answered here.
Email us at info@12south.org and we’ll update the answers here where appropriate.

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