12 South Neighborhood Association Survey

[Summer 2015]

A summary report of the first resident survey of the 12 South Neighborhood Association can be downloaded here.

A spreadsheet with complete survey results can be downloaded here.



[April 2014]

Scheduled to open April 2014.  For more information, please visit the link below.



[January 2014]

Since October, neighborhood residents have been very vocal, organized and active against the Metro Planning Department’s proposal to include the I-440 interchange at Granny White Pike as part of updating the Green Hills-Midtown Community Plan.   Recently, the Tennessean did a great article about the neighborhood opposition to the planned interchange that you can read here. Luckily, the first bit of welcome news came in mid-December when Christ the King Church hosted a group community meeting organized by the 12th South, Belmont-Hillsboro and Battlemont neighborhood associations, the Metro Planning Department staff announced publicly they would not recommend the interchange proposal as part of the staff’s recommendation for the final Green Hills-Midtown Community Plan that will be released publicly in early March.   While this was great news, the Planning Department Staff noted that while their input carries great weight, the Metro Planning Commission members ultimately vote on the final document at their meeting that is scheduled to be held on March 13th.

From now until the March 13th Metro Planning Commission meeting there are a number of ways we are asking residents to make sure their voice is heard in this important debate that will shape the future of our neighborhood.  Below are a few things we have been asking residents to do:

1.       Send an email to the Metro Planning Commission at and voice your opposition to the 440/Granny White Interchange and ask they support the Planning’s Staff’s recommendation to not include the interchange.

2.       Sign the online petition that we are hoping to have 500 residents sign and give to the Planning Commission at the March 13th meeting.   Click here for a link to the online petition and feel free to share this link with friends and neighbors on Facebook and twitter.

3.       A website and Facebook page called, Plan Smart Nashville has been set up to address this issue.  The website is has lots of background information and lists ways to help.  Also, be sure to join the Facebook page as it posts the latest updates on this issue.

Thank you for taking the time to make your voice heard and helping to preserve the 12th South neighborhood’s character.  – Caleb Hemmer, January 2014