Fall 2021 Street Tree Planting Project

This fall, the 12 South Neighborhood Association will be leading the largest tree planting project in the neighborhood’s history. Project funding is being provided by the Metro Nashville Tree Bank.

Here’s a rundown of frequently asked questions and what neighbors can expect to see as efforts unfold:

*Note: All trees will be planted in the public right-of-way.

Where will the trees be planted?

Why were these streets chosen for planting?

  • Both South Douglas Avenue and Montrose Avenue are the main ‘cut-through’ thoroughfares in the East/West crossing direction of the neighborhood and therefore will be the most visible to residents and visitors.
  • Sections of South Douglas have rare, ideal conditions for large urban canopy trees- 6’ wide planting strips with no overheard power lines. 
  • The north section of 10th Avenue South has very narrow planting strips and will be planted with smaller trees to complete Phase Three of 10th Avenue South. 

What trees will be planted?
The project will include approximately 168 trees in a variety of shapes, sizes, and color. Where possible, large hardwood shade-producing oak trees will be planted. In sections constrained by overhead utilities and limited soil volume, smaller trees such as redbuds and crape myrtle will be used. In addition to professional planting of the trees, we will include a tree diaper, mulch and the first year’s watering to ensure the trees survive and thrive.

What will happen to the trees currently growing along the existing streets?
Some existing trees in the public right-of-way may be pruned. Any stump’s will be removed by Metro. New trees will fill in existing gaps and where possible match the existing species for continuity. 

What is the timeline?
The project will be completed before Nov. 15, 2021. Prior to this date, utility lines will be marked, tree locations will be flagged, you will be given an opportunity to opt out, and notice of planting date will be posted. 

How can you get involved?
Be a 12 South Tree Steward! We need folks who live in 12 South to be our eyes, ears, and water buckets for the trees to succeed.  

  • Watering: Even though the tree will be professionally watered for the first year, please monitor tree water needs (especially the first 3 growing seasons after planting and in times of drought) MOST IMPORTANT!  Be ready to water and help assist watering of trees when needed.  Be proactive about watering.
  • Injury: NEVER injure the tree with string mowers or attached or hang anything on the tree. If you see this happening please notify 12 South NA. 
  • Maintenance: Be alert to tree condition and health such as damage, pruning needs, sidewalk or sight-line interference, or signs of disease.
  • Pruning: Conduct light pruning. The best time is after the tree is dormant. (Pruning training is available upon request)
  • Litter: Occasionally pick up litter. 

For more information, please contact: