Neighborhood Spotlight: Robert, Keeper of the Lions

This month’s Neighbor Spotlight is on Robert, keeper of the lions on the corner of Bradford and 10th Ave.  Robert has lived in the neighborhood since the fall of 2017, and he was drawn here by his lovely 1940’s brick bungalow.  When he purchased the house, he admits he knew nothing about being a handyman or caring for a yard beyond just mowing the grass.  In the almost three years since moving in, he has learned to love to work in his yard and do light renovation around his house.  He purchased the home from Mrs. Christena Scales, and he learned from Mrs. Scales that she bought the lions years ago at an antique store.  Many people along the years have asked to purchase the lions, but they seem content in their surroundings. One of the lions was stolen, and with the aid of a neighbor, the stolen lion was located and brought back home.

Robert admits he was concerned when he bought the house that the neighbors might have been looking forward to their removal, but to his great pleasure neighbors instead showed great affection for the metal beasts and interest that they be preserved.  Robert worked with Tony Novak at Tony Novak Studio to rehab the lions earlier this year: Tony removed the paint, taking them back to the original metal.  He then primed and painted them.  He loves the reaction he gets from passersby, children stealing with delight and dogs ready to put up a fight!  He enjoys working in his yard and hanging out on his front porch, so make sure you say “hi” to Robert and his lions the next time you walk by his home.